Strategic Planning

We assist our clients in developing mid-term and long-term strategies based on analysis and deeper understanding of regional and global political, economic, social and environmental processes.

Project Financing

We offer alternative project financing solutions, including investments, strategic partnerships and operators, as well as overseas financing applicable to projects of strategic value.

Export Support

We offer export-import strategies with complete operational solutions, as well as consult private and public top managers on overseas trade operations' risks and opportunities.


Market Entry​ Assistance


We deliver market entry assistance services (such as market research, business set up, etc.) to all our customers engaged into or planning the business development on local, regional or global markets.



We assist our clients in strategic decision-making related to their regional or global engagements, by identifying vulnerable points of social, economic, political and geopolitical trends.



We advocate our clients' interests by means of research, publications, media campaigns, seminars, conferences, round-tables, public speeches and other social events, and political lobbying.


Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment efforts suppose identifying and analyzing international processes and events that may positively or negatively impact individual, corporate or public assets or interests.

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